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The Voice

Our commitment is to fight for and promote rights of migrant workers 

Migrant workers’ voice is a labour organization/ watch dog currently registered and operating in Uganda, Promoting and fighting for rights of migrant workers through legitimate mean of sensitization against human trafficking and smuggling, creating awareness on migrant workers’ rights. As the largest global migrant worker’s voice in the region, it has access to a network of over 1,000 returnee migrants worldwide. The network is in over 10 countries which enables us give our guidance and counselling among members of the network, rescue and support in seeking justice for the victims of torture as well rehabilitation.

Our mission

To be the world’s number one migrant workers labour rights watchdog  for powerless victims of labour through empowerment, sensitization, communication/ training of migrant workers communities and advocacy against forced labour, human trafficking and other forms of labour abuses among migrant workers from all walks of life thus promoting collective bargaining and liberties of association.

Our vision

Safeguarding of migrant workers’ rights enchasing development.

Our core values

  1. We strongly believe that protection of migrant workers’ rights and enhancing their development takes more than simply observing all stakeholder’s values and inclusion since migration has become an increasingly unavoidable phenomenon to date for different reasons without excluding hiking levels of poverty and unemployment and the wage imbalances making it a justification for our existence.

  2.  It requires us to make an ongoing contribution in communities in which we live and serve through;

  • Innovation

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Flexibility

  • Empowerment

  • Empathy

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

Migrant workers’ advantage.

Our focus.

We focus on giving any support we can in rescuing distressed victims of forced labour, human trafficking and other forms of human rights violations related to work as well as rehabilitation.

Our services.

Our services can be categorized into labour rights activism, human rights advocacy, training and rescue of victims of labour migration, rehabilitation and development.


  1. Rights protection services.

  2. Training/ Counseling and guidance.

  3. Rescue and Rehabilitation.

  4. Empowerment and development.

  5. Migrant cultural exchange program


Rights protection services.


  • Labour rights activism.

We strive to advocate for migrant workers’ rights adhering to principles of international labour standards, which include collective bargaining and rights to freedoms of association as an opening for the liberties that we fight for to thrive.

  • Human rights advocacy.


Our voice stands to represent the voiceless victims of human rights abuses from all walks of life without exclusion of sex, gender, religion or financial ability aiding them to justice.

Training/ counseling and guidance.

 Our niche in the counselling and guidance which we begin to offer from time to time basing on shared experiences from returnees members has made us the first line point of reference for migrant workers to always seek guidance in case of dilemmas at work and critical situations that may need rescue. This has not only embedded a firm ground for our existence but has also built confidence in numbers of those who seem to be victimized at work overseas since they have got someone to always talk to immediately whenever need arise and they are able to make informed choices.


Our monthly capacity building seminars are one of the best methods we have embarked on, change mindsets of our members offering an immunity to prevent “ the would be challenges and obstacles in the mist after taking a chance to migrate for work.

Rehabilitation and development.

Our rehabilitation programs for migrant victims of torture have not only embarked on treatment and psychosocial care required to reassure the victims, embarks at also developmental care worrying yes about the situation of the victims having to live again the same circumstances of poverty and joblessness with or without any skill to begin surviving and sustaining him/herself rendering him / her into what might have forced her to migrate before torture.


Management services.

Migrant workers’ voice management services involve conducting a complete analysis of the cases and exposures and considering the various ways to manage those cases thereby optimizing to offer free services and where need arise for funding, the organisation can solicit funds through donor funding and fundraising from its members and well-wishers.


As part of the case management process, we offer the following services.

  • Identifying, analyzing and evaluating cases.

  • Evaluating an existing policy framework and laws concerning the case.

  • Developing recommendations, reports and proposals to reduce case re-occurrences.

  • Expediting on rescue arrangements by applying all means possible to aid out our clients.

  • Our dedicated technical team focuses on effective and efficient evidence based claims. We guide members on the international labour standards and the governing policies of both home and the hosting countries so that they take responsibility to account for the claims from the administration and settlement negotiations with their employers.

  • We also provide comprehensive loss reports to our clients to enable them manage their labour challenges and problems better.

Migrant cultural exchange programs.

An annual activity meant to bring migrant returnees and ongoing together for a social cause. It is organised by migrant workers’ voice as may be sponsored by migrants and other stakeholders.

Mission statement

Migrant Workers’ Voice’s commitment is to fight for and promote rights of migrant workers through legitimate means  of sensitization, guidance and counselling, empowerment and development, rescue as well as follow up and monitoring, preventing migrant workers from being exposed to human trafficking and smuggling.

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Clients’ profile

The organisation handles quite a range of categories of members it gives support i.e.

International migrant workers.

The organisation receives a number of migrant workers who mainly leave their home countries temporarily to destination countries for purposes of employment. While many outcries have been seen trending on social media and the news about the injustices, racism and all sorts of violations committed on them, this has not stopped a number of treks to continue exiting from one country to the other mainly Africans to the gulf. A business that has become so lucrative for local governments to embrace the treks. This is the reason we stand to voice for the victims of the circumstance.

Indigenous migrant workers.

There are also numbers of migrant workers commonly migrating from within their local country but from one region to the other for purposes of work. Such a category is also most vulnerable to human trafficking and labour challenges in which we come out to voice for.

Safe labour migration and human trafficking.

There are a number of migrant workers who move through right channels but still end up either in the same dilemma as those trafficked and the worst getting undocumented within the struggle to survive while the victims of human trafficking continue to move through different channels into different destinations both local and international. Their rights for protection is our ideal as the organisation works around the clock to give more sensitization against the vice to safer migration.

Immigrant workers.

The organisation receives immigrant workers who move permanently for work to local or international destinations for different reasons i.e. students, marriage or business. These people move with an intention of migrating forever into other destinations but this has not excluded them from falling victims of circumstances especially when they begin to acquire employment in countries they have destined to stay.

Board Of Directors

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Kayonde Abdallah

Founder & President

Vice President.jpg

Fatuma Buhita

Vice President

Operations Manager.jpg

Zirinsanga Alisen

Operations Manager

Finance officer.jpg

Nakazibwe Aminah

Finance Manager

HR Manager.jpg

Namutebi Roland

HR Manager

Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

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