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Our Projects


The cow project: our migrant members are encouraged to have a cow during the course of his or her work contract such that in times of short comings, the cow or its products can still remain as a backup or a source of income to support his or her family. These cows are given out to a circle of 5 to 10 migrants per month and these cows are given out to relatives of our members in their home countries who can take care of them even in the absence of the migrants.

Migrant workers’ Sacco: this is a little bank where migrants are encouraged to do credit and savings helping them to bridge the gap in times of hardship and lack of funds as well as starting up or pushing their businesses. The Sacco model allows migrant workers to invest together as they share profits, grow their businesses, borrow and save and this has improved many lives of migrants especially those who subscribe to it.

Current projects

MIGRANT WORKERS’ VOICE currently runs a number of activities such as

  1. Medical and rehabilitation support to the needy vulnerable Migrant workers

  2. Skills training

  3. Setting up of structure for training. Through life skills, our youth have shown improvement in their standards of living

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