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Big question sighted in the petition.Have Migrant workers been covered with any working insurance!?

Has there ever been any working insurance scheme in the protection of Uganda Migrant workers!? How about the

social security (including employment injury, maternity, sickness, invalidity, portability of pensions, death,

unemployment and family responsibilities according to national laws or regulations which might set specific


3. Freedom of association.

The employer must take a proactive approach to facilitate migrant workers’ rights to freedom of association and specifically

at least:


access to Trade Unions representatives;


access to Collective Bargaining;


possibility to raise complaints or issues to the Workers Committee;


possibility to access grievance mechanisms.

4. Access to information.

Access to information regarding the above requirements, as well as health and safety, rules and regulations, etc. must be

guaranteed, by using a language that can be understood by the migrants.

Annex 1. Recruitment policy applicable to migrants.

The recruitment policy states that the employer regulations:


prohibit forced labor and human trafficking, and all forms of exploitation, deception and coercion in the recruitment,

hiring and treatment of migrant workers


clearly indicate that no fees are charged to workers for job placement services, with a possible exception only for

administrative costs, as listed in Annex 3 (vii)


prohibit the confiscation or withholding of worker passports or other valuable documents, if it is not strictly necessary

for the immigration procedures


prohibit the collection of deposits, security payments or bonds at the time of recruitment or employment


prohibit contract substitution or the amendment of original contract provisions with those that are less favorable to

the worker


ensure that no unreasonable restrictions are levied to limit migrant workers’ freedom of movement and personal

freedom in the recruitment and employment process


commit to inform the migrant workers, in a language that they understand, about:


their rights and responsibilities on the job as well as those of their employer


contractual and other legal obligations


terms and conditions of employment


living conditions


provide for a fully transparent system for wage payment, including when labor recruiters (broker/agencies) are in

charge of.

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