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Migrant Workers Voice Empowers Women Migrant Workers Amidst Rising Vulnerabilities

In a significant push towards gender equality and fair labor practices, Migrant Workers Voice has taken the lead in advocating for the rights and protection of women migrant workers. With the majority of victims in domestic labor migration industry, particularly in the Middle East being women, this organization has made it its mission to empower these women and ensure their voices are heard.

Empowering Women Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers Voice aims to sensitize and train migrant working communities, particularly women pushed to migrate due to the marriage break downs, domestic violence, divorces, unemployment and poverty, to improve their quality of life and work in international communities.

The organization believes that every migrant worker should have the opportunity to live and work with dignity and respect. To achieve this, they engage in various initiatives such as sewing, soap making, and other activities that enhance the capacities of migrant workers to effectively participate in realizing economic and social development goals as part of their return and reintegration packages.

Addressing Vulnerabilities

The organization acknowledges the unique vulnerabilities faced by women migrant workers. These include low-wage business activity, discrimination, and exploitation. In response, Migrant Workers Voice engages business and women migrant workers in conversations for change, amplifying the voice of women migrant workers. They also provide support to women migrant workers experiencing gender-based violence and advocate for their rights to be protected.

Support from International Organizations

Migrant Workers Voice seeks support from international organizations such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN Women. These organizations have potential to strengthen their support to women migrant workers experiencing gender-based violence and have launched initiatives to improve gender-sensitive labor migration reporting.

Impact and Future Plans

The impact of Migrant Workers Voice's efforts is evident in the lives of women migrant workers. The organization has helped rebuild the lives and restore the dignity of many women who have faced exploitation and abuse. Moving forward, Migrant Workers Voice intends to continue its advocacy efforts, focusing on fair recruitment practices and ensuring that women migrant workers are protected from exploitation.


Migrant Workers Voice has made significant strides in empowering women migrant workers. By addressing the unique vulnerabilities faced by these women, the organization has helped to improve their quality of life and work. As the organization continues to push for fair labor practices and gender equality, it is clear that the voices of women migrant workers will be heard and their rights protected.

By Fatuma Buhita

Head Migrant Mothers Club

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