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The Twinomujuni Foundation is committed to promoting safe labor migration in Kazo District,

The Foundation aims to improve the lives of local youths by providing external employment opportunities and preventing human trafficking.

Through community mobilization, the Foundation educates potential migrant workers on safe labor migration practices to protect their rights and prevent exploitation.

The Foundation works closely with local communities, government agencies, and international organizations to improve labor migration policies and support services.

The Foundation also provides training and skills development programs to local youths to increase their employability.

The Foundation works with employers to create job opportunities and ensure fair wages and working conditions for migrant workers.

The Foundation actively collaborates with local law enforcement agencies to prevent human trafficking and exploitation of migrant workers.

The Foundation provides counseling and support to affected individuals and families.

The Foundation conducts awareness campaigns in schools and communities to prevent human trafficking.

The Foundation also supports the reintegration of trafficked individuals into their communities and provides them with educational and vocational opportunities.

The Foundation engages in research to gather insights on the challenges and opportunities for safe labor migration in Kazo District.

The Foundation collaborates with other organizations to advocate for improved labor migration policies and support services.

The Foundation works with other organizations to provide legal aid and representation to migrant workers and trafficked individuals.

The Foundation also works to create awareness among the general public on the dangers of human trafficking and the importance of safe labor migration practices.

The Foundation provides referral services to individuals and families in need of additional support or services.

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