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Confident Businesswoman



Leadership Training


Community Outreach & Advocacy.


Youth-led Discussion & Workshops


To promote, organize, arrange and facilitate cultural and artistic exchange programs and activities at national and international level.

To facilitate the development, promotion and coordination of all migrant workers

To bring experts from promotional Organizations locally and internationally for match making and capacity building and advising local youth on life of workers abroad. To establish international relationships, ideas and experiences to our youths and communities interested in working abroad; through conducting conferences and seminars home and abroad.

To collectively bargain for the salaries, wages, allowances and any form of remunerations. All migrant workers that have served by a roof of a valid contract obtained on individual basis, a registered recruitment agency and government; under the Labor organization Act of 2006, section 46d.

To help in collective bargaining through organization’s representation of migrant employees.

To empower the youth in improving their economic status through income generating activities and advise the migrant workers on the life after abroad.

To promote the social, economic well-being of Migrant Workers organization members by creating suitable development through job creation and production back home

To organize and mobilize resources locally and abroad to secure a sound financial base and to receive funds, acquire property and assets for the promotion of the furtherance of any or of the organization’s objectives in addition, to conduct sensitization, seminars, to provide information materials, postal and brochures, conduct radio and TV shows and organize exchange visits.


Advocacy for Labor Rights

Mental health counseling

Life skills and Career Guidance 

Mindset and Behavior change

Information, education and referral

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