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The following are some of the basic requirements for joining one of our subsidiary Associations of your choice:

1. Be a migrant worker: The association primarily serves the interests of migrant workers in Uganda, whether they are in formal or informal sectors, local or foreign nationals. Therefore, only individuals who are/were migrant workers or are interested in migrant worker issues can join the association.

2. Pay membership fees: To become a member of the association, applicants are required to pay a certain amount of registration or membership fees, which may vary depending on the type of membership, duration, and purpose.

3. Fill and submit an application form: Interested individuals need to obtain an application form from the association's office, website, or designated networks or partners. The form should be filled with accurate information about personal details, employment history, skills, interests, and potential contributions to the association.

4. Agree to abide by the association's constitution and values: The association has a constitution, code of conduct, and core values that define its mission, vision, and principles. Therefore, applicants must read and agree to follow these rules and ethical standards before joining.

5. Participate in training and activities: The association provides various types of training, capacity building, and networking opportunities for its members to enhance their knowledge, skills, and engagement in migrant worker issues. Therefore, applicants should be willing to participate in these activities and contribute to the association's goals.

6. Evidence of legal status: Applicants must provide evidence of legal status e.g. identity documents, work permit, or any other important documentation related to their employment status to verify their status.


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