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1.   Full membership of the Association is renewable after every two years.
2.   The Association is responsible to make a follow up on you wherever you are.
3.   The Association can come in to negotiate with your employers in case of any misunderstanding.
4.   The Association can come in to negotiate with your Recruitment Company or Agent in case of any requirement from them while home and overseas.
5.   The Association can lead you to get Government Aid in-case there’s a need of consular services overseas.
6.   Association gives sensitization creating awareness on how to avoid being smuggled/ trafficked out of the country.
7.   The member stands a chance of getting opportunities overseas through our country to country exchange programs and workshops. 
8.   A member is entitled to free counseling and sensitization/ pre-orientation about life abroad specifically the country he/ she is going to work.
9.   The Association can help your family in guiding/ leading them on what to do next in case of any uncertainties while overseas
10. The Association offers you a chance to get tips on how to invest well your returns back home to avoid disappointments when you return home.
11. A member stands a chance be guided on how to choose the right and legally registered recruitment Company/Agent to use while seeking jobs abroad.

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