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•    Medicaid and life cover support (aid for families with dependent children of migrant workers, deceased and those that were disadvantaged but lives saved during the course of work.), 
•    Housing and other programs geared towards assisting the vulnerable members.
•    Death benefit. 
•    Disability benefit.
•    Burial benefits.
•    Health care benefits.
•    Compulsory insurance cover provided and paid for by licensed recruitment agencies.
•    Natural death benefit.
•    Accidental death.
•    Permanent total disablement.
•    Medical evacuation and medical repatriation.
•    Subsistence allowance in the course of the case or follow-up on litigation for justice in regards to migrant workers’ rights.
•    Assistance to those who have suffered injuries and weaknesses while at work.
•    Pre-departure loans.
•    Family assistance loans
•    Livelihood loans to assist in entreprenual opportunities after return.
•    Settling disputes among migrant workers and disciplinary matters in case of excess behaviors among members.
•    To buffer the possible risks at work overseas.

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