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Migrant Workers Face Heightened Risk of HIV Infection!!

Migrant Workers'Voice Network Association;

Migrant workers, particularly those in low-wage jobs, are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS according to a growing body of research. The Migrant Workers' Voice Organization (MWVO) is sounding the alarm on this critical issue and calling for urgent action to protect the health and rights of this vulnerable population.

A study by the International Organization for Migration found that migrant workers are up to three times more likely to contract HIV compared to the general population.

Factors contributing to this heightened risk include:

- Separation from regular sexual partners and family for extended periods.

- Engagement in high-risk behaviors like unprotected sex and drug use.

- Limited access to HIV testing and treatment services.

- Stigma and discrimination that prevents seeking care.

Mr Kayonde Abdallah.

"Migrant workers are often invisible in society and face huge barriers to accessing healthcare," says Kayonde Abdallah Executive Director of (MWVNA) Migrant Workers' Voice Network Association. "Many are unaware of their HIV status and risk infecting their spouses back home. We must break the silence and ensure migrant workers can protect themselves and their families."

The MWVO is calling for:

- Mandatory HIV education and prevention programs for migrant workers.

- Affordable, confidential HIV testing and counseling services.

- Anti-discrimination laws to protect HIV-positive migrant workers.

- Increased funding for HIV/AIDS programs targeting mobile populations.

"Migrant workers are the backbone of many economies, yet their health and wellbeing is often overlooked," adds Kayonde. "It's time to put the rights and dignity of migrant workers at the center of the HIV response. Their lives depend on it."

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