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The Migrant Workers Welfare Administration Uganda (MWSWAU) proposes to have call centers across Saudi Arabia and other country branches and its command center in Uganda provide assistance to Uganda migrant workers. We offer services such as:

1. Information and referral services - Providing relevant information about MWSWAU services, programs, and benefits to Uganda migrant workers.

2. Assistance in distress situations - Assisting Uganda migrant workers who are in distress situations such as physical or mental abuse, labor exploitation, and human trafficking.

3. Financial assistance - Providing financial assistance to Uganda migrant workers who are in need of support such as extending loans, giving scholarships to Migrant workers dependents, or providing free online skills training.

4. Repatriation services - Providing assistance to Uganda migrant workers who are experiencing personal or medical emergencies, or those who wish to repatriate and handling body receiving burial arrangements for deceased Migrants.

5. On going Counselling and psychosocial support - Providing emotional and psychological support to Uganda migrant workers who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues related to their work abroad.

Overall, the MWSWAU call centers act as a lifeline for thousands of Uganda migrant workers abroad, providing them with the necessary information and support they need to navigate life and work in a foreign country.

The onsite care and support provided by MWSWAU (Migrant Workers Welfare Administration Uganda) to its members in distress can often help them save on the potential funds that would be spent on providing benefits after cases. By offering immediate assistance and intervention, MWSWAU aims to address the needs of distressed Migrant workers promptly, preventing situations from escalating and minimizing the financial burden on both the individual and the organization.

MWSWAU's onsite care and support involve legal assistance, repatriation services, emergency medical aid, counseling, and temporary shelter, among other forms of aid. By assisting migrant at the early stages of distress, MWSWAU can potentially prevent cases from escalating further, reducing the associated costs and ensuring the well-being of its members.

However, it's important to note that the specific circumstances of each case may vary, and the effectiveness of the support provided by MWSWAU depend on various factors. MWSWAU continually seeks to improve and enhance its services to better assist distressed Migrant and minimize the financial impact on its members.

Not every member of Uganda MWSWAU (Migrant Workers Welfare Administration) gets a benefit. The benefits are only available to active MWSWAU members who are currently working and/or have worked overseas.

Members of MWSWAU who do not experience any challenge at work overseas may not be eligible for certain benefits that are specific to certain circumstances, such as repatriation or disability benefits. However, all MWSWAU members have access to some benefits, such as training and education programs, and other forms of welfare support.

It is important to note that simply being an MWSWAU member does not guarantee access to benefits. Each benefit has specific eligibility criteria and requirements that must be met before they can be approved and disbursed.

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