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Some of the challenges that Ugandans who are trafficked to work and live in Egypt face.

1. Exploitation: Some Ugandans who are trafficked end up being exploited by their employers in Egypt. They are forced to work long hours, in appalling conditions, and for wages that are far below what they were promised.

2. Lack of proper documentation: Most Ugandans who are trafficked to Egypt do not have the proper documentation to work and live in the country. This makes them vulnerable to arrest and detention by the Egyptian authorities.

3. Physical and mental abuse: Some Ugandans who are trafficked to Egypt also face physical and mental abuse at the hands of their employers.

4. Limited access to healthcare: Ugandans who are trafficked to Egypt often have limited access to healthcare, making it difficult for them to receive medical care when they need it.

To stop this trafficking, the Ugandan government has to take effective measures such as:

1. Raising awareness: The government needs to raise awareness among Ugandans about the dangers of trafficking and the methods used by traffickers to lure people into this trade.

2. Law enforcement: The government should strengthen law enforcement to ensure that traffickers are arrested and punished for their crimes.

3. Support for victims: The government should provide support for Ugandans who are trafficked to Egypt and assist them in returning home.

4. Job creation: To reduce the number of Ugandans who are vulnerable to trafficking, the government needs to create more job opportunities at home.

5. Bilateral agreements with Egypt: The Ugandan government can work towards negotiating a bilateral agreement with the Egyptian government that will enhance legal mechanisms to protect migrant workers.

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