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4th Sept 2023

Ladies and gentlemen,

As the President of Migrant Workers' Voice, I stand up calling upon all Ugandan migrant workers community leaders in the diaspora, mainly from the Gulf states, to send in their community representatives to the External Labour Power House Facility Uganda.

As we all know, migration is a difficult and often dangerous experience for many Ugandans who seek work overseas. The vast majority of these individuals end up in the Gulf states, where they face a range of challenges and obstacles. These include long working hours, low pay, poor living conditions, and a lack of access to basic services such as healthcare and education.

We at Migrant Workers' Voice recognize the significant contributions that Ugandan migrant workers make to our economy. We understand the challenges that they face, and we are committed to protecting their rights and improving their working conditions.

Therefore, we urge all migrant community leaders to send in their representatives to the External Labour Power House Facility Uganda, so that they can be represented in the Migrant Workers' Social welfare Administration Uganda. This will ensure that our members are supported and protected, and that their rights are upheld at all times.

We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of our members. We can improve their working conditions, ensure that they are treated fairly and with respect, and help them to access the support and services that they need to thrive.

So, let us all come together as a community and stand up for the rights of our migrant workers. Let us send in our representatives to the External Labour Power House Facility Uganda, and work together to build a stronger, more prosperous future for all of us.

Thank you.

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