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Urgent Call for Accountability:Allegations of Exploitation of Ugandan Workers by US State department

February 3, 2024

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that over 250,000 Ugandan workers were exposed to deception and underpayment while serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia under the employment of the US Department of Defense and the US State department. External Labour Power House, a global advocate for workers' rights, is now urging the US government to address these serious human rights allegations and provide a transparent account of the situation.

These workers, who played a crucial role in supporting US military operations abroad, find themselves in a dire situation due to alleged underpayment and inadequate compensation. Many of them faced health threats in war zones, and their hopes for a better future have been dashed by the very system they were enlisted to serve only to come back limping with peanuts!

External Labour Power House is giving the US government a 24-day ultimatum to issue a comprehensive statement addressing these allegations.

The organization emphasizes the urgency of investigating the claims and ensuring accountability for any wrongdoing.

The potential loss of hope for these workers is a grave concern. They sacrificed their well-being and security, expecting fair compensation and support from the employer. The underpayment and health threats they endured demand immediate attention and rectification.

The international community is closely watching as External Labour Power House calls on the US government to uphold its commitment to human rights and fair labor practices. The fate of these workers hangs in the balance, and swift action is imperative to rectify the injustices they have faced.

As the clock ticks, External Labour Power House remains steadfast in its pursuit of justice for the exploited Ugandan workers, urging the US government to take responsibility and address the gravity of these allegations. The world waits for a response that will determine the future of those who sacrificed for a cause they believed in.

Usher Wilson Owere

Cheif External Labour Power House

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